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Leobi’s mission is to serve the IOST ecosystem in 3 ways: coverage of news and events through content, development of applications, and the education of new developers.

1. great CONTENT

We power the Inside IOST podcast, the first weekly IOST show dedicated to bringing news and insight to the community at large.

2. dapp development

Our partnership dApp development studio, Dappiness, brings experience with web, mobile, and EOSIO development to help new projects find their way to the IOST blockchain.


Educational videos

training sessions

company outreach

Our team is skilled at in-person and video training content, as well as presentations to corporations to provide education on the benefits of building applications on the IOST blockchain.

Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant

Josh has 20 years’ experience in client solutions and delivery, including 3 years in blockchain technologies. He has delivered enterprise solutions in multiple Fortune 500 companies. Josh holds several patents and a degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Evan Schindler

Evan Schindler

Evan’s experience with several tech startups and businesses in the payments space have taught him both the need for and the details of blockchain tech. He spent years developing business in South America and Asia working with a MasterCard funded payments technology company before launching his own QR payments company for SME’s in Pittsburgh.

Peter Keay

Peter Keay

Pete is a dApp platform expert, systems administrator, and full stack developer with experience in Ethereum and EOS smart contract development. He is the author of content such as Ethereum Challengers, Bitgenstein’s Table: the Crypto Philosophy Podcast, and Everything EOS Developer Tutorial Videos.

Calculate your IOST rewards

Voter rewards can be a bit confusing.​ Estimate your voting rewards for any partner with our calculator.

This is before any partner-specific bonuses, and the default values are for Leobi. Leobi was voted Tier 1 for Q1 2019. This calculator will pull from the IOST API soon, but in the current version, please check iost.biss.com for the latest numbers.

Remember: the total number of partners and other factors will change over time, so your calculation only works as an estimate.

Your votes:
The amount of IOST you've voted towards this node
Partner's votes:
The total number of votes cast for this node by all voters (displayed at iost.biss.com)
Partner % of total votes:
This node's percentage of total votes for ALL nodes (displayed at iost.biss.com)
Total IOST partners:
The number of approved partners (displayed at iost.biss.com)

Contribution tier won:
The contribution reward tier you expect this partner to win. Tier 1 is the top 20% of partners (in the contribution rankings) and tier 5 the bottom 20%

IOST price:
The IOST price to use to calculate your rewards in fiat.

Your Total Annual Rewards (including quarterly ecosystem rewards):